No. The City Commission has banned all fireworks within the City effective from 2007.

The property owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of sidewalks by state law. Any property owner, who fails to maintain their sidewalk in a safe condition, is considered negligent in their duties as a property owner and is liable for injuries that may occur due to its lack of maintenance. It is also required that property owners or renters of property within the City limit shoveling the snow from their sidewalks to allow for pedestrian passage. Click here for Snow Removal Ordinance. 

The property owner is responsible for all piping and appurtenances, which are not part of the sewer main. All leaks, broken lines, blockages, or freezing which occur in the service lines, are the responsibility of the property owner or tenant.

The U S Postal Service determines all zip codes by need and not necessarily by City.

The U S Postal Service determines the location and needs for post offices. A new facility was recently built in Black Hawk, and along with the post office in Piedmont, the needs of the City are met.

Sturgis Road/Highway 79 is a state highway and its speed limit is determined by the State of South Dakota.

Covenants are attached to deeded property and enforcement is the responsibility of the Homeowners Association.

The City has passed various Ordinances and is responsible to enforce these laws. The City possesses additional powers and authority that a Homeowners Association does not have.

The City and the Homeowner's Association are two separate entities.

Homeowners Associations are allowable under State law to meet the particular needs of certain homeowners and property owners, usually in a subdivision. Developers find it helpful to form Homeowners Associations when creating subdivisions and in marketing their development.

Many questions have been raised in the recent Community Survey regarding the services provided by the Homeowners Association and the dissolution of the same.

The City cannot force the Homeowners Association to dissolve, nor can the City force the Association to provide any type of service. An explanation of Association services should be included in the covenants. There are many homeowners associations operating successfully within Rapid City and other cities in South Dakota.

You may wish to contact your Association if you have any questions or concerns.

The location of schools is determined by the school districts, not the City.

Please feel free to stop by City Hall to view the City boundary map. Additionally, a Zoning map of the City is also available.

You may access them on this website from the "Public Documents" tab at the top of this page. You can click here to be linked directly to City Ordinances online, or you can visit City Hall at 7055 Leisure Lane to review hard copies of the Ordinances.

In South Dakota, the Division of Wildlife is responsible for managing, conserving, and protecting wildlife. To report a mountain lion sighting, an encounter, or an attack, contact the Rapid City Office of the Division of Wildlife at 394-2391. For after-hours emergencies, contact State Radio Communications at 393-8121.

Dead deer should be reported to the State Game Fish and Parks Department at 394-2391 or State Radio at 394-2221.