Summerset Finance Office
Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm
7055 Leisure Lane
Summerset SD 57718
Phone 605-718-9858
Fax 605-718-9883

Summerset Police Department
7055 Leisure Lane
Summerset SD 57718
Routine Business 605-721-6806
Fax 605-721-6381
Emergency Dial 911

Law Enforcement Dispatch

Summerset Waste Water
Treatment Plant

7055 Leisure Lane
Summerset SD 57718
Phone 605-787-6851
Johnathon Ambrose, Superintendent/Operator

South Dakota
A Great Place to Call Home

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We know there are occassionally problems or concerns that occur in regard to city functions and services. We want to help! If you are aware of a problem or have a concern about a city issue, please fill out this form as completely as possible and submit it to us. We will forward it to the Mayor's Office for appropriate action and get back to you as soon as possible with a response.

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